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Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage

A woman’s inspirational guide and support towards achieving
a grand, lifelong marriage by Ramona Zabriskie.

Is Wife for Life for you?

Reader's Favorite International Book Awards

✔ I am a happily married woman.
✔ We are happy most of the time but things could be better.
✔ I am a woman in a frustrating relationship.
✔ We are considering separation or divorce.
✔ I am a woman that has never married.
✔ I am a woman seriously dating or engaged to a Nice Guy.
✔ I have people in my life who I love that are married.
✔ We are newlyweds.
✔ We have been married for years.
✔ I am in a second or third marriage.
✔ I am divorced and single.
✔ I am an unmarried woman living with a man.
✔ I’m not sure I believe in or feel ready for marriage.
✔ I have a troubled marriage.
✔ I have a good marriage.
✔ I have a great marriage.
✔ I want a grand lifelong marriage.

If any of those statements describe you, Wife for Life could change your life…

Ramona and Dale Zabriskie…because it’s not clinical and its not sensational; it’s real. Written in an entertaining, sincere, sympathetic style, Wife for Life masterfully interlaces authoritative voices with personal stories from Ramona Zabriskie’s 35-year marriage and her motivational speaking and mentoring career. Nearly divorced two years after her own wedding, Ramona’s compassion and know-how, uniquely presented in three parts: “Why You Both Want a Grand, Lifelong Marriage”, “How to Avoid Becoming a Dream Breaker”, and “What to Do to Make Dreams Come True”, will change your marriage as it changes your heart. 

Change is possible because you have more relational influence than you realize…

…which includes the power to create a truly happy — even grand – lifelong marriage. Cultivating that power is a matter of vision and skill, often best learned from mentors: women who can teach from their own triumphs and failures, while advocating and exemplifying ultimate marital success from a place of compassion and maturity. Wife for Life, both the book and the crusade, is intended to reassure and mentor women in marriage, while inspiring others to do the same.

“Having read only the first few pages of numerous other self help Wife for Lifetype books on marriage in the past…

…and subsequently ‘switching off’, I was perhaps hesitant in reading Wife for Life. Was this book going to be a reincarnation of all those other non engaging books? Boy was I wrong!!” ~Amazon reviewer

“As a marriage and family therapist, I can say that this is the best and most helpful book on marriage that I have ever read.” ~Amazon reviewer

“Wife For Life is, hands down, the best self help book I have ever read.” ~Amazon reviewer

“I read Wife for Life at the heeding of one of my newlywed friends who said that it was the absolute best wedding preparation that she could have had.” ~Amazon reviewer

“This is truly the best book I have ever read on female – male relations.” ~Amazon reviewer

“This is the best marriage advice/how-to/information/inspiring book I have ever read.” ~Amazon reviewer

“This is the marriage book I have been looking for.” ~Amazon reviewer

WOW!! What can I say but WOW???” ~Amazon reviewer

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